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Importing UTF-8 Characters via CSV fails  
Posted: 27 February 2017 12:32 PM —  
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Joined  2015-09-10

EE 2.11.6 with Datagrab 2.0.1

Importing book titles from a CSV.

Some of the book titles include superscript and accented characters.

The source CSV is UTF-8 format and represents these properly.

I can create new entries in EE using this data by cutting / pasting these values into the fields in EE - EE works fine with the resulting text.

If I import the data into EE via datagrab, the UTF-8 characters get mangled.

What do I need to do in order to get UTF-8 characters into EE via datagrab?


‹‹ All titles imported as "1"      Grid Field Import Error (creates rows when it shouldn’t) ››

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