Client Downloads — Available for EE 1.6 and EE 2.0

Köp Cialis med master The Client Downloads module provides a secure mechanism for site owners to distribute files to their site’s members.

cos è il trading di opzioni binarie abatrade überweisung Now available free for ExpressionEngine 2 www trading The main concepts are:

  • You select members to have private download folders
  • Members can have any number of folders, and folders can be shared between any number of members.
  • Each folder can contain any number of files or assets. Each asset can appear in multiple folders.

opcje binarne wyniki The files can be stored securely outside of the site’s root folder preventing unauthorised access. Each time a file is downloaded it is checked to ensure that the current user has permission to access it. Downloads are logged and visible from the Control Panel. الخيارات الثنائية التداول البرمجيات A simple, flexible template tag allows you to present the download areas in multiple ways.


opzioni binarie per fare hedging The Client Download module provides a simple, secure and flexible method to distribute files to site members.

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