DataGrab — Available for EE 2.0

DataGrab is the new, improved way to import data into ExpressionEngine 2.


DataGrab makes importing data:

Easier. Imports are set-up using a simple step-by-step module.

More powerful. Subsequent runs of the import can now update values that have changed, along with even more features.

More flexible. A new plug-in mechanism makes it easier to create new types of import of different types of data (see additional datatypes).

Why use DataGrab?

Among the countless uses are:

  • Importing initial content into a new site
  • Aggregating data from your various websites from around the internet, such as twitter or flickr (using RSS feeds or APIs)
  • Keeping product stock or price details synchronised with an external system

If you want to harness EE’s powerful, built-in functionality (flexible templating, search, archives), DataGrab makes your data easily available as a channel entry.

Summary of features

  • Import data from RSS/ATOM feeds, CSV files and XML files. Other datatypes can be added.
  • Map data values to a channel’s custom fields
  • Assign categories to each entry
  • Assign entries to an author
  • Imports can be saved and re-run — ideal for a tumblelogr
  • Entries can be updated if the source data changes — keep data synchronised

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