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ExpressionEngine allows developers to build on and extend its already powerful base features. Here is a selection of popular add-ons from brandnewbox.

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Other products

Members   EE2

The Members module enables you to easily find and remove Spam member accounts from your EE2 site.

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Export   EE2

Export data as CSV or XML.

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Member Import   EE1

Import members into ExpressionEngine custom profile fields from a CSV file.

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Followers   EE1

The Followers module allows you to create friend-like relationships between site members.

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FeedGrab   EE1

FeedGrab is a plugin for Expression Engine to provide it with the ability to import data from 3rd party web feeds (RSS or ATOM), such as flickr or delicious.

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XMLGrab   EE1

The XMLGrab plugin allows you to insert the contents of an XML file (or feed, or API response) into Expression Engine weblogs.

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Purgedata   EE1EE2

The PurgeData plugin can be used to delete old weblog entries.

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CSVGrab   EE1

CSVGrab is a plugin to import data from a spreadsheet into ExpressionEngine.

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