Using the Client Downloads module

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

A brief walk-through the Client Downloads module, demonstrating the basic functionality and workflow of the module.

The Client Download module

Once installed the module can be located in the Modules tab of the ExpressionEngine Control Panel.

Accessing the module

The main concepts of the module are:

  • Registered members of the system can have a secure, private download area.
  • Each member’s download area can have any number of folders, either individual to them or shared with any number of other members.
  • Each folder can contain any number of files or assets. Each asset can appear in multiple folders.

The module’s front page allows you to jump to the main functions through the use of tabs.

Configuring the module

There is only one mandatory setting - the Basepath. This is the location on the server to store the assets. This directory can be outside the web root for extra security.

Other optional settings include the ability to send emails when download areas are set up, when new files are added to folders and display options for the module,.

Download Areas

Each member can have a download area set up.

The columns can be configures in the settings if you wish to display a custom member field alongside the member (eg, Company Name and Address) .

To create a new download area, click on the green "Create a new download area" button.

Create a new download area

When creating a new download area you have the option to create a new folder and/or add any existing folders to that user.

In the example, the member Jack would be assigned 2 folders: a new one called "Jack’s folder" and an existing one called "My default folder".


Files or assets uploaded to the system can be viewed, filtered and edited from the Assets tab

Upload a new asset

New assets can be uploaded and provided a title, description and keywords for display and search purposes and assets can be added to any number of folders.

Members who are associated with the selected folders can optionally be notified of any new files.


Folders can be managed from the Folders tab.

Folder management

Each folder has a title and description, and uploaded files can be easily added ot removed.

Displaying the Client Downloads area

A simple, flexible output tag is available to allow you to display the contents of members download areas on the front-end of the site. All files are securely stored and downloads can be tracked and monitored.


The Client Download module provides a simple, secure and flexible method to distribute files to site members.