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pre data load hook?  
Posted: 10 November 2016 10:32 PM —  
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Joined  2015-05-20


EE v2.11.3
Datagrab: v2.0.1

I’m using datagrab to update / insert channels based on data coming from a lotus/domino data source.
Originally I started to use the hook ajw_datagrab_pre_import to update the stored data in the file, but then realised that this is call after the module has loaded the data from the local file.

Can we get a new hook, something like ajw_datagrab_pre_file_load, so we can populate the import file with the latest/new data.

Or is there another way to achive this? I know I could use a seprate cron to fetch & save the data, but would prefer to do it all in one go just prior to the import useing hooks, as I’ve got changes I’m going to have to make in ajw_datagrab_modify_data & ajw_datagrab_post_import as well.



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