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Proper syntax for importing dozens of text pairs into one Matrix field?  
Posted: 11 July 2018 09:51 PM —  
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I have a single entry that has a Matrix field. Matrix field has 2 columns. I’m trying to import hundreds of rows in to my entry.

It’s “working” but not keeping the values paired up properly.

CSV sample:

“my new page”;“apples,oranges”
“my new page”;“loons,pigeons”
“my new page”;“luke,vader”
“my new page”;“plus,minus”

The result (attached), or a screenshot: 2018-07-11 16.49.37.png?dl=0

So, row 1 SHOULD Be apples, oranges.
Row 2 should be loons, pigeons

I intend to fill a Matrix field with hundreds of rows into a single entry “my new page.”

I feel like Datagrab is doing most of it correctly. Where am I going wrong?

EE 3.5.8, Datagrab 3.0.2

Posted: 12 July 2018 11:36 AM —   [ # 1 ]  
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Joined  2006-04-12

This is partly a limitation of CSV imports which make it harder to handle nested data.

However, if you can reformat you data, you should be able to get it work.

If instead of having the 2 values in the same column, you can separate them into 2 columns to give:

“my new page”;“apples”;“oranges”
“my new page”;“loons”;“pigeons”
“my new page”;“luke”;“vader”
“my new page”;“plus”;“minus”

then DataGrab can handle the field mapping better.

You’ll need to map the 1st column to your title, and then the 2nd and 3rd columns to your 2 matrix columns.

If you then set the “Use this field to check for duplicates” to the “Title” and check the “Update existing entries” checkbox, then I think it should work.

Let me know if you still have problems.



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