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Importing CSV data with Relationships - slow  
Posted: 07 May 2019 03:27 PM —  
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Are imports involving Relationship fields known to be slow and/or taxing from a database perspective?

I have a data file with over 300 records. There are about 9 columns of data, one of which is a relationship.

It takes about 25 seconds to import 40 rows, which is what I have set for a batch. I don’t do all 300+ at a time because there are times the process reaches the server max timeout.

The import itself works, and I can probably deal with the slowness, but I’m planing for when there are 500+ rows and want to make sure I can address bottlenecks.

Here are a few sample rows:

It’s a fairly basic tab separated file. The pink column represents the relationship field. 3 rows relate to one entry id, and the other 3 entries relate to another.

Is there a config setting (DataGrab, or in EE’s channel settings, etc) that might speed things up?



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