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Json file format?  
Posted: 18 July 2014 01:07 AM —  
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Joined  2013-09-10

Hi, I am trying to import some json content exported by EXPORT it - ee addon.
I am trying to build a json file and I dont know why, it gives me error on both files, the addon exported one ( for test purpose) and the one that I’m trying to create,

the error is : Error: Cannot open file/url:

Why does it gives this error, how can i fix it, how should a json compatible file look like ?

Posted: 28 July 2014 09:30 AM —   [ # 1 ]  
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Joined  2010-11-20

from experience, Export It doesn’t output a JSON file you can use with Datagrab.

Here’s an example of a JSON feed I created in EE manually


{exp:query sql="SELECT
  cd.field_id_311 AS long_title,
  cd.field_id_304 AS cat,
  cd.field_id_287 AS issue,
  cd.field_id_288 AS author,
  cd.field_id_289 AS bio,
  cd.field_id_293 AS summary,
  cd.field_id_290 AS body,
  cd.field_id_291 AS footnotes,
  cd.field_id_292 AS image,
  cd.field_id_460 AS themelios_order
  exp_channel_titles ct
JOIN exp_channel_data cd ON cd.entry_id = ct.entry_id
  cd.channel_id = 36;" backspace="1"
}    { "entry_id": "{entry_id}",
      "title": {exp:json_encode}{title}{/exp:json_encode},
      "url": {exp:json_encode}{url_title}{/exp:json_encode},
      "long_title": {exp:json_encode}{long_title}{/exp:json_encode},
      "category":  {exp:json_encode}{cat}{/exp:json_encode},
      "issue": {exp:json_encode}{issue}{/exp:json_encode},
      "author": {exp:json_encode}{author}{/exp:json_encode},
      "bio": {exp:json_encode}{bio}{/exp:json_encode},
   "summary": {exp:json_encode}{summary}{/exp:json_encode},
   "body": {exp:json_encode}{body}{/exp:json_encode},
   "footnotes": {exp:json_encode}{footnotes}{/exp:json_encode},
   "image": {exp:json_encode}{image}{/exp:json_encode},
   "order": {exp:json_encode}{themelios_order}{/exp:json_encode}
Posted: 25 November 2019 12:07 PM —   [ # 2 ]  
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