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XML Import from Jobvite, forms incorrect Structure Listing URLs for many of the entries created  
Posted: 02 December 2014 12:29 PM —  
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I have configured imports using DataGrab, the one which imports jobs from locally downloaded XML file (from Jobvite) and the other which imports job directly from the Jobvite’s URL (responding XML). The issue that I’m facing - most of the entries have Structure Listing URL formed which when browsed, open the entries blank in the browser and along with it, many a times the last entry doesn’t even get the Structure Listing URL formed at all. Now, say Structure Listing URL that formed to be as “application-engineer”, then browsing the same via the browser “”, opens up the entry as a blank page. After this, when I change the Structure Listing URL to “application-engineer1” (please note, just trailed with ‘1’) and browse through hitting “” in the browser, the entry opens up all fine (as how it should).

Anything to do with Redundant URLs, if so, I have looked for the URLs, they appear to be unique? Not sure of this unpredictable behavior of the imported entries, any help here is much appreciated.

Details of the plugins used:
1. DataGrab 1.8.0
2. Structure 3.3.7
3. EE 2.6.1



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