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Creating XML imports: use field names as XML tags?  
Posted: 15 September 2017 12:55 AM —  
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I want to import data from one EE installation (EE2.9) into another (EE3.5.10), using XML. I have already created the entry shells in the EE3 installation, so I will need some of the entries’ fields to be overwritten. I plan to use the URL as the unique key, since the entry IDs do not match up but the URLs do. I also plan to import in batches of 10, so that I can check the status of the imports. This may seem like a lot of work…but I’d rather go very carefully. And 10 at a time is still a LOT faster than manual copy-paste. (Once I have confidence in both DG and in my ability to prep the data for import, I’ll go in larger batches.)

When creating the XML feed, do I just use the names of my fields, as the XML tags? For example:

I have fields called intro, featuredImg, imgLarge, and extendedText. Would I create an XML file that looked like this:

      <intro>![CDATA[Introductory text that will contain some HTML]]</intro>
      <extendedText>![CDATA[will contain some text that was formatted as XHTML in EE]]</extendedText>
      <intro>![CDATA[Dummy Title 2]]</intro>
      <extendedText>![CDATA[will contain some text that was formatted as XHTML in EE]]</extendedText>
(and so on, for nowever many entries I want to have in the import file)

Further questions:

Can Datagrab handle the XML CDATA escape, or will I need to convert and then convert-back, all of my in-field HTML tags?

How does Datagrab handle fields or text that were formatted as XHTML in EE? Do blank lines/carriage returns get imported over as expected?


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