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Easily import data into ExpressionEngine channel entries.


Available for: EE2, EE3, EE4, EE5
Version: EE2: 2.1.0, EE3/EE4/EE5 : 3.0.3

Available on request

Easy. Imports are set-up using a simple step-by-step module.

Powerful. Subsequent runs of the import can update values that have changed, along with even more features.

Flexible. Import different types of data to a variety of fields.

Why use DataGrab?

Import initial content into a new site

Keep data in sync with other systems - synchronise product stock or price details with an external system

Continuously aggregate data from various sources around the internet, such as twitter or flickr (using RSS feeds or APIs)

Harness EE’s powerful, built-in functionality (flexible templating, search, archives) – DataGrab makes your data easily available as a channel entry

Summary of features

Among the main features are:

  • Read data in XML, CSV, JSON, RSS/ATOM formats. Also, add additional datatypes if required.
  • Supports all native fieldtypes (including File, Relationships and Grid) and popular 3rd party add-ons *
  • Map data values to a channel’s custom fields
  • Create and assign categories to each entry
  • Assign entries to an author
  • Imports can be saved and re-run
  • Entries can be updated if the source data changes — keep data synchronised
  • Fetch and import images from other sites

* 3rd party add-on support depends on a number of factors including demand and feasibility. Best efforts are made to support as many 3rd party add-ons as possible. Add-on support may differ between EE2 and EE3 versions.

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