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DataGrab for ExpressionEngine 3

I’ve just released the new version of DataGrab 2 which supports ExpressionEngine 3.

EE3 support is obviously the biggest feature, but there are a handful of other new additions, including a JSON datatype, improved batched imports and a load of other fixes.

About the EE3 release

EllisLab have gone to a lot of effort to make it as easy as possible to port EE2 add-ons to EE3. Because of this, and also due to the likelihood that users might want to quickly populate their new sites with data, I’m releasing this version of DataGrab as early as I can.

Two caveats of this early release, are that:

  • Support of 3rd party add-ons is minimal (as there are currently few 3rd party add-ons to support).
  • DataGrab still uses a considerable amount of EE2 derived code rather than the newer, improved EE3 methods. This will be factored out over time.

The DataGrab Control Panel interface has had a quick ‘lick-of-paint’ to fit as closely as possible to the new styleguide and has had a few more updates to make it slightly easier to use.

New features

I’ve added an properly supported JSON datatype.

I’ve improved the ability to import in batches. You can now set up imports to read the data in chunks for very large or memory intensive imports. This will get further improvements in future releases.

The Control Panel has had a number of improvements.

The RSS datatype is now getting very old and relies on an even older RSS library to work. I’d like to retire this very soon, so I have improved the XML datatype so that it can determine whether you are importing an RSS or ATOM feed and configure itself automatically.


I’d like to make it easy to start populating your new ExpressionEngine 3 sites with data so the EE3 version of DataGrab will be released as a free upgrade. If you have bought it previously through this site or you can download both EE2 and EE3 versions.

The extent of future development will inevitably to some degree be driven by demand. Please consider buying a new version if you or your client’s budget allows it.

I’ve also decided to keep the current price the same, but as the DataGrab codebase is refactored for EE3, new features added, and support for 3rd party add-ons included, it is likely that the price will rise.

DataGrab can be purchased here: