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DataGrab price changes

DataGrab has been on offer on this site for longer than I can remember. I originally dropped the price to encourage sales on this site because I needed to test part of the sales mechanism, and then it felt a little sneaky increasing the price without giving customers a little notice.

From next week (9th November 2012), it will return to normal price of £29.

I’ll also be using this opportunity to update the price on devot-ee. At the current exchange rate this will probably lead to a small price increase from $45 to $49.

I’ve always tried to keep the price of the add-on as low as I can as I think ExpressionEngine should have a method of importing data. I hope you are still able to find the new cost is justified by the amount of time that the add-on is able to save.

If you have any comments on the price of DataGrab, I’d love you to get in touch at