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DataGrab 1.5 released

The new release of DataGrab does not add too many new features, but it has had a major internal re-development to allow it meet with the most common feature requests (including, amongst others, the use of 3rd party fieldtypes like Pixel & Tonic‘s Playa and Matrix).

Previously, the module used to ‘reverse-engineer’ all the database inserts and updates to add an entry, and while this was effective it is not the best way to proceed when there is an officially sanctioned Channel API to do it.

Moving DataGrab to the Channel API has had a number of advantages and disadvantages:

Using the API should make importing to 3rd party field types much easier, and the imports should be more accurate and more robust to future changes to ExpressionEngine.

However, the API is much stricter to use - data must validate, and the module must have privileges to post. The Channel API is also undergoing development within EE, so is prone to change between releases.

The new version will work (in most respects) exactly like the previous one (better, in fact). The one case that it currently won’t work as before is when you are trying to selectively update fields. For example, if you used DataGrab to just update the stock level of a product channel, while leaving the rest of the fields as they were, you should continue to use version 1.0.2. This is due to the way the API works, but I am working on a fix.

I will keep the current release (1.0.2) available to download and use for the time being. If you go to your downloads page, you will see 2 links for DataGrab - the current version and legacy one.

The next phase of development is to optimise the import process for large datasets, add the use of some 3rd party fieldtypes, and increase the flexibility of the template tags.

For more details, visit the DataGrab product page.