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DataGrab progress update and future Matrix support

I am hoping to release the next version of DataGrab in the next few days. The current development version has many new features fully or partially implemented, and I will be tidying these up and fixing a few bugs before hopefully releasing by the end of the week.

Some of the new features include:

Matrix support

Once this version is released I will be concentrating on adding Matrix support.

Just as Matrix provides huge flexibility in how you build your site, it makes the configuration of the import difficult - it becomes effectively an import-within-an-import. Coupled with DataGrab’s ability to handle different data types (CSV, XML etc) it makes mapping values from the data source to Matrix fields a challenge.

I have a version of DataGrab that successfully imports into a Matrix field, but the data needs to be formatted quite specifically. To get the development process to the next stage I need real-world examples of what you need to do.

If adding Matrix support to DataGrab would be useful for you, please could you .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or add a post in the support forum with examples of data sources (eg, CSV, XML files or others) and matrix designs (screenshots would be great) and how you’d like the data to map to the Matrix fields.

This will give me a much better understanding of what the Matrix import process needs to achieve.

There is an example of what would be helpful here:


While developing the next stage I also want to improve the module’s documentation. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Andrew