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ExpressionEngine 3 support

With the release of ExpressionEngine 3, I’ve had a few questions regarding support for the add-ons from this site.


I have a version of DataGrab that is working for EE3 and it will be released as soon as I have fully tested it and tidied it up to match the new EE3 Control Panel style (if you need it sooner, please let me know).

This will be a free upgrade, however I cannot promise at this stage that it will be a perfect feature-for-feature match with the EE2 version. For example, I cannot guarantee which other 3rd party fieldtypes will be supported, although as before, I will attempt to support as many popular add-ons as possible.

Other add-ons

I will be updating Feed Parser as this is the next most popular add-on.

After that, upgrades will probably depend on demand. If you have any urgent requirements, please let me know.

– Andrew