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FeedGrab is a plugin for Expression Engine to provide it with the ability to import data from 3rd party web feeds (RSS or ATOM), such as flickr or delicious.

Available for: EE1
Version: 0.7.8

Available on request

For ExpressionEngine 2, please see the DataGrab module.

The FeedGrab plugin, as well as allowing you to keep your own copy of the data in your own database, provides you with the ability to use all of ExpressionEngine’s nifty weblog features, such as calendar-based archives, the facility to randomly display items, search tools and the option of relating this external data with your own weblogs entries via EE’s related field feature.

With the data stored in a weblog you have the option of displaying the information however you like, either combined with other weblog data or on its own.

An example usage is for a tumblelog style site that aggregates your data from a range of services such as flickr, delicious and twitter.

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