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The Members module enables you to easily find and remove Spam member accounts from your EE2 site.

Available for: EE2
Version: 1.0

Available on request

There are several automated tools that can find Expression Engine sites and create member accounts,  which are used to populate their member profile pages with links for other web pages.

EllisLab published this guide for fighting registration spam.

This utility does not stop the creation of these fake accounts, but helps you to clean them up.

Members Spam registration module for ExpressionEngine


  • List new members with easy access to common details used by Spam accounts (eg, bio, website)
  • See the member’s activity on the site (have they bought anything?)
  • Search for common terms used by Spam registrations (eg, viagra)
  • Select and ban rogue accounts to stop them coming back.

AJW Members is a free utility for ExpressionEngine 2.