Selected items

The Selected Items module allows you to select and order the content how you want to

Available for: EE1, EE2, EE3, EE4
Version: 1.4

Download for EE1 Download for EE2 Download for EE3 Download for EE4/5

Often on a website you want to control the order that entries display. For example, on a magazine-style website, the front page stories would be editorially selected rather than just the 5 most recent.

The Selected Items add-on allows the user to select weblog entries using a simple AJAx-powered search form. Selections can be made up from different weblogs, so, for example, news articles in one weblog can be mixed up with reviews from another.


  • You select the order that you want the entries to display
  • Entries can be from multiple weblogs
  • Entries can appear in multiple selections
  • Easy to use form to choose entries

Sorting without the Selected Items add-on

The usual method to achieve arbitrary sort orders in ExpressionEngine is add a custom field to a weblog and sort using that, but this can have several problems.

  • ExpressionEngine does not sort numerically, so you need to remember to ‘pre-pad’ the numbers with zeros. eg, 001, 002, ..., 010, ... 100
  • It only works across a single weblog. You cannot easily order across multiple weblogs
  • Each entry can only be sorted in one order, eg an entry sorted first on one page cannot be order last on another

The Selected Items add-on avoids these issues.