Support — DataGrab

Installing and using DataGrab

Installation and usage instructions for DataGrab

CSV imports with DataGrab

A quick walkthrough of a CSV import

Importing data into ExpressionEngine 2 from WordPress

A brief introduction on how to use DataGrab to import data from a WordPress WXR XML file.

Running imports periodically using cron

How to get your server to automatically run your DataGrab saved imports.

DataGrab Configuration Options

A quick guide to DataGrab’s configuration options.

Assigning authors to entries with DataGrab

How to assign authors to entries with a DataGrab import

Increasing PHP memory limits

Finding and increasing your PHP memory limits for large imports.

DataGrab and Matrix fields

Notes on using DataGrab to import into Matrix fields.

Importing into Playa fields with DataGrab

This is a quick tutorial on how to import into Playa fields using DataGrab (v1.6+)

Installing new data types in DataGrab

DataGrab has the facility to import other kinds of data than default types that it comes bundled with (RSS, CSV and XML), simply by copying a new datatype folder to the correct place.

Example XML formats

DataGrab can handle most XML formats. Here’s some examples.

Using DataGrab to backup your tumblr data

tumblr is a great system for creating a blog. It provides a free, lightweight blogging system, and has a powerful bookmarklet that makes it quick and easy to post new entries.

DataGrab Grid fieldtype notes

DataGrab version 1.8.0 has added the ability to import to EE 2.7’s new Grid field.

DataGrab File fieldtype notes

DataGrab allows you to import files and images into the ExpressionEngine File field.

Importing comments with DataGrab

Version 1.5 of DataGrab has some initial support for adding comment to entries when using the XML import type.

Tag: exp:ajw_datagrab:run_saved_import

Reference for DataGrab’s {exp:ajw_datagrab:run_saved_import} tag

Importing data into a Grid or Matrix field from a CSV file

Importing data into a field that allows repeating data is a bit trickier using a CSV file but can be done if the data is formmated correctly

Updating the file to import

When you have created and saved an import, you are able to change the import file in the following way.