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Client Downloads introduction

» Visit the Client Downloads support page

The Client Downloads module provides a secure mechanism for site owners to distribute files to their site’s members.


  1. Copy the system/expressionengine/third_party/ajw_client_downloads folder to your system/expressionengine/third_party folder
  2. Copy the themes/third_party/ajw_client_downloads folder in the module folder to your site’s themes/third_party folder

In the Control Panel:

  1. Install the module


The module uses a single tag:

Client Downloads Display


{exp:ajw_client_downloads:folder orderby="id"}

{if no_results}<p>There are no folders for this user</p>{/if}



<table width="100%">
        {if no_assets}<tr><td colspan="5">There are no assets in this folder</td></tr>{/if}
        {assets orderby="title"}
        <tr class="{switch="one|two"}">
            <td><a href="{url}" class="icon icon-{extension}">{title}</a></td>