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Selected Items installation and usage

» Visit the Selected Items support page

The Selected Items module/extension allows you to create ordered lists of weblog entries.

This documentation is for use with versions of ExpressionEngine prior to 1.6.5. Please see Selected items for more details.


  1. Copy the contents of the extension folder to system/extensions
  2. Copy the contents of the language folder to system/languages/english
  3. Copy the selecteditems folder in the module folder to system/modules

In the Control Panel:

  1. Install the extension from the Extension manager
  2. Install the module


In the Selected Items module, click on Create new selection in the top right hand corner.

Give the selection a name, description, and add some entries to the Selected list.

The list of available weblog entries can be filtered using the form on the left hand side. Optionally select a search term, weblog and click on Get entries to update the list. Click on Add -> to add selected entries to the right hand selection list.

Selected items can be removed, or reordered using the Move up/Move down buttons.

A selected list can contain a mixture of entries from different weblogs.

Click on the Create new selection button to save.


If you are using EE 1.6.5 or above, you can use a simpler method detailed here: Selected items and ExpressionEngine 1.6.5.

The following instructions are for older versions of EE (1.6.4 and lower):

Wrap the {exp:selecteditems} tag around a {exp:weblog:entries} tag.

The name= parameter should corresond to the name of a selection created in the module’s Control Panel.

The {exp:weblog:entries} tags should have the following parameters:

entry_id=”{selecteditems_id}” orderby=“selecteditems”

and should not have a limit (this is imposed by the module).


{exp:selecteditems name="test_sequence"}

{exp:weblog:entries weblog="default_site|news" entry_id="{selecteditems_id}" 
    orderby="selecteditems" disable="member_data|trackbacks"}

<h3 class="{selecteditems_switch="one|two|three"}">{selecteditems_count}: {entry_id} - {title}</h3>




Just the one, name, which is the name of the selected list.


  • {selecteditems_count}
  • {selecteditems_switch="one|two"}

These replace the standard exp:weblog:entries variables