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Using DataGrab to backup your tumblr data

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tumblr is a great system for creating a blog. It provides a free, lightweight blogging system, and has a powerful bookmarklet that makes it quick and easy to post new entries.


As tumblr is a hosted service it means you don’t have to worry about managing the system yourself, but when there are problems you are reliant on tumblr to fix them and to protect you from any data loss.

If you are using ExpressionEngine, then DataGrab can help provide some peace of mind.

All your tumblr data can be accessed using the tumblr API, and returned as XML, by visiting (where mysite is replaced by your tumblr site’s name).

Then, using the XML import type in DataGrab, you can import this data into your EE channel.

Using DataGrab to read from the tumblr API

You could import all your data into a single channel storing the @type field to differentiate between the different types of posts that tumblr allows.

Alternatively, you could do separate imports for each type using the API’s GET parameter ‘type’ (eg, would access just the photos in your tumblr blog).

In the next part of this article, I’ll introduce a specialised tumblr import type and explain how it might be used.